Saturday, July 5, 2008

D Minus 1!

The packers left at 8:30 PM last Thursday. Since then, we took a load of boxes up to Utica (Robert's parents' house), moved out of our house, moved into Temp. Quarters at the Base, moved out of Temp. Quarters and yesterday, on July 4th, drove off the Base, up Route 28, over the Bourne Bridge and away!

It has been a topsy-turvy ten days since I last wrote. I truly felt that after the packers left, then it would be all down hill. Everything was done, right? Well, sort of. But there was still so many last minute things to do that it felt really overwhelming. Also, because I've been so busy, I hadn't really had a chance to think about LEAVING. All those feelings flooded into my head after breakfast yesterday as we left the Galley for the last time. WAAAAAAA! It was awful. I was so sad. (Lips quivering, tears rolling down cheeks, pit in stomach sad.) I have some photos which I will post later (not of the lips quivering...) - I'm on a dial-up connection from Utica.

It took us nearly 8 hours to get to Utica. It's usually a six hour drive but we were each driving a van with Robert pulling the trailer, and I needed LOTS of breaks. Once we arrived, we had the gargantuan job of reorganizing the trailer and one van for the trip. The problem was that I had stuck things everywhere at the last minute - what a mess. So, we emptied both vans and the trailer - I wish I had taken a picture of the driveway with all our stuff spread out. The good news is that we accomplished it all in about 3 hours.

So - tomorrow is the real D Day. We head for Rochester and the Strong Museum of Play. I will try to post notes at night from the hotels. Hopefully, we'll have Internet connections. Thank you for all your emails and comments. I love hearing from you. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

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Lucy said...

Wow Barbara! You've had quite a adventure so far, I just hope the rest of the trip has less mechanical difficulties.........It looks like you're have a great time nevertheless. Please stay safe!

With much, much love,
Aunt Lucy