Friday, July 11, 2008

Off the Road - with another FLAT!

Just east of Ottawa, IL, the tire monitoring system registered that the right trailer tire was down to 8 pounds (from a high of 60...) We pulled off to the shoulder of a very busy, truck-laddened highway and set up shop. Robert and Gates got to work and put on the spare. It seems as though both flats were caused by faulty stems. Fortunately, there there was a truck/trailer repair shop right off the highway and they do have another tire. So they’ll change it and then we’ll head for the hotel, the pool, dinner and sleep.

Thank goodness for Central Time. It’s 4:30 our time but only 3:30 their time.

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michele said...

No more flats allowed!!!!!!
And Ottawa and Peru---we need to stop borrowing names---although I would love to be able to say that I lived in Peru!

The slideshows are great---so much fun to see them.