Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jasper to Prince George

Odometer - 3825

We really enjoyed our time in Jasper. For one, it was a lovely time to relax after over three weeks on the road. Secondly, the biking/hiking was great. They also had a scenic town square which was a relaxing place to gather after dinner. Nearby was Scoops with every kind of ice cream flavor from Smarties to KitKat (really...) I tried KitKat (Gates' favorite) and Praline and Cream. I think the latter was better.

Today we took Route 16/Yellowhead Highway west to Prince George. Most of the scenery was forested mountains with mist dripping over the peaks. It was very pretty. But the most exciting part was that we finally saw a bear! Gates spotted it up ahead crossing the highway. It went off to the side to feed and then disappeared. I was hoping to get closer to it for a better photo op, but no luck. I was a little worried about seeing male moose since there were numerous signs, including one run by solar panels (that meant to me that they were really serious about the warning) to beware of moose. I woulnd't mind seeing one off to the side, but I don't want to see one up close and personal...

By the way, I finally got a photo of the bear-proof trash cans. They open by tucking your hand underneath an opening and pushing in a lever. These are the only kind of trash containers found anywhere. In Jasper, the containers were numbered. I wondered if that was to keep track of which oines were emptied or to see which ones bears are attempting to open.

Prince George is known as the capital of the North. It's not particularly scenic but looks like a typical city. At this point, I have to say, with 4 more days until we're on the ferry - I'm ready to be in AK!

I just used the well-equipped fitness center in the hotel. They have treadmills with television sets that take iPod earphones. Pretty cool!

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