Sunday, July 20, 2008

Odometer - 2498

We’ve been driving since around 9:30 after a quick stop at Blondie’s IGA to refill our lunch food stocks. We’ve found it easy and healthful to eat veggies, fruit, cheese, crackers and juice for lunch. Last night Gates and Robert had a blast at the go-cart track. I missed it! By the time I was done with the blog and photos, they were back to the hotel.

We’re about five hours into our six hour or so travel for today. We caught sight of the snow-capped Bighorn Mts. in the distance. The views are spectacular once more with mountains, cattle and proghorn sheep along side the road. Soon we’ll be at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. That’s about 15 miles from our hotel for the night, so we’ll be able to spend some time there before jumping on the 140 foot water slide into the pool at the hotel.

Later - Little Bighorn was hot, dry, but very moving. One of the guides gave a battlefield talk which explained Custer’s Last Stand and how he and his men had no chance. After attacking the Indians, they were surprised by 2,000 warriors attempting to protect women and children. The battlefield is part of the very large Crow Indian Reservation and the woman giving the presentation was Crow. She was a talented storyteller, using her hands almost in a ballet-like motion to describe the events leading up to and culminating in the battle.

The hotel last night was our first real no-tell motel, in my opinion. Robert didn’t think it was that bad. We attempted to have diner at the “family” restaurant next door. The grub there consisted of dried up serving containers behind clear, plastic shields. Two weary travelers were bent over their ribs. We asked them how it was. They said, “Go to Pizza Hut.” So we did. That was a little better in that the dinner fare was very tasty but they only had two waiters manning the whole restaurant. Fortunately we entered before a very large family. Afterwards we popped the laundry in the washing machine before heading for the pool and water slide which was a lot of fun.

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