Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Odometer - 3128

We’re at the border of Montana and Alberta, Canada waiting to get through the border. It’s still hot here - 87 degrees. This morning as we drove through Montana, we saw incredible views, once again. The scenery ranged from rough, tall cliffs of granite to pastures of grazing cows.

We have about about 60 miles to Lethbrdige, AB where we’ll spend the night. The hotel has another water park which we’re all looking forward to jumping in. This morning while driving, we amused ourselves with a crossword puzzle, numerous games of two-handed bridge (this trip was meant to be a crazy 8 fest, but instead it’s been a bridge-fest...), and finally an hour-long comedy routine by our bus driver, Robert.

Breakfast this morning was exceptional at the Best Western in Helena. Hot and cold food and lots of fresh fruit. I may have mentioned before that many of these hotels are franchises so that the quality varies. Last night’s hotel was the nicest we’ve stayed in. It was nice and big with extra comfortable beds.

We just passed through customs and now we’re heading north on Route 4.

Later - we checked in and checked out the water park which looks great. Lots of things to do for later. The restaurant at the hotel was so-so, so we headed out and guess what we found? A Boston Pizza! (See, no matter where we go, Boston comes, too!)

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michele said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of beautiful land out there!
Every image looks like a postcard...okay, maybe not the customs booth.
Love your photos---Yay for Boston Pizza!