Saturday, July 26, 2008

More hiking/biking in Jasper

Today we drove out to Maligne Canyon, the place where the Maligne River plunges over 60 feet into a steep-walled gorge made of limestone. We saw waterfalls, rapids, a cave or two and got to jump on a suspension bridge. The hike meandered beside the river and took about 90 minutes. Just as we returned to the car, it started to rain! But then, when we got back to Jasper, the sun was out again, so we decided to take one last bike hike before we put the bikes back on top of the trailer in preparation for leaving tomorrow.

Biking along the "Discovery Trail," we discovered another trail along the railroad tracks. It went up and down small hills and then gradually rose to the crest of a hill overlooking the highway and the Athabasca River. A couple of times, I smelled an animal odor... We had forgotten to bring the bear spray, too. (ECF's!) By the way, apparently kids in Edmonton are using bear spray on people! Not good... Still, we enjoyed the view and had a great ride. But I was on the lookout as I really expected to see some bears. Maybe because on the way back from the canyon we saw five female moose along the side of the road feeding.

The weather in this area is unusual in that it's really chilly in the morning but then quickly warms up to hot in the sun. The price of food is also very expensive. There is a small grocery store which is limited and pricey. Entrees at most restaurants are in the $30-40 range.

Tomorrow we set off for Prince George - about 250 miles away.

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chappy said...

Hi to the Failings,

We've been incredibly busy with the end of summer swimming this past week so I haven't been able to read about your adventures for awhile. So I caught up tonight and enjoyed every entry. What a great trip. By has wanted to drive west and I always said I'd fly to the I think I'll have to eat my words! The pictures have been incredible...I've only been to Vancouver and Whistler and the views there along the Sea to Sky Highway were beautiful...but Lake Louise, etc were great. I hope you continue to have a great time and a safe trip. No more talk about Bears!!!!

Keep writing and we'll keep reading!