Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hiking in Banff

We're here in Banff for the second day, so no odometer reading. We really feel like we're in Europe. Banff is an very international city with all kinds of accents flowing around us. We decided to take a hike up Tunnel Mt. this morning. This hike was supposed to be short - about 2 hours with an elevation of 700 feet. I found it VERY strenuous. The path was very steep, but the views were worth any kind of hike necessary. Periodically, there were overlooks with the valley far, far below us.

We met a teacher and her student at the visitors' center and decided to hike together. That was so enriching. She was from Edmonton and had lots of information to share. Her student was also very interesting to interact with as he was deaf and communicated with sign language. Despite the disability, we all communicated well.

After lunch we took a second hike which was really a stroll along the Bow River to the falls. The scenery was really breathtaking. The mountains surge up all around and the water is blue/green and very clean - just like in Bermuda. I don't think I've seen anything as beautiful as these mountains.

I thought I was in shape, but those hikes really tired me out! I'm in bed typing and ready to hit the hay... Goodnight!


svk50 said...

Hi Barbara,

Oh how I envy you! Banff and Jasper are two of my favorite places on earth. Hope you can take a hike to Spirit Island. It's on the way to Jasper. Ask about it, you won't be sorry. Then there's the Valley of the Ten (or was it seven) peaks. I hiked it while 5 months pregnant with Lyla. Talk about tiring!

We're off to NJ this weekend. Lyla's scheduled for a c-section on Monday as she's still breech. For more days until I become a grandmother!!!


Mary Alice said...

Hi Barbara - What a pleasant surprise to find "my" picture of Bow Falls on your blog - it's on my computer deskstop, as I type. Banff and Jasper do rate as tops and the surrounding scenery as well. Just indescribable.

I've really enjoyed sharing in your once-in-a-lifetime trip across the country - we live in an amazing and varied country - as only a roadtrip can really show!

Am also very impressed with your computer prowess - the picture adds are just great.

Keep having safe travels...
Mary Alice