Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Box City

Now we have 9 movers working very hard. Fortunately, it's a beautiful, cool day, so some of the work can be done outside. This move to Alaska is more complicated because everything must be wrapped. Then it gets put into crates and then the crates get put into a container. Next, everything is loaded onto a barge and sent on its way through the Panama Canal to Alaska! Let's hope there are no storms because sometimes the containers roll overboard! I won't think about that...

In the meantime, I've had some wonderful free time to work on redesigning my website which I recently discovered does not open well with browsers other than IE. There are some great new templates at Go Daddy, so I've been having fun working on it. I hope it will be up and running before we leave.


michele said...

I won't believe it---I think that those are all empty boxes in the pictures!

Isn't it amazing how much stuff you find out you have when you move!!!

chappy said...

This is all new to me...reading a blog! Great to keep up with you all. Keep up the writing. I'll email more later but so far summer has been great.

Have a wonderful, safe trip. We'll look forward to hearing about your travels.

Holly Jobe said...

Have a wonderful trip! Tomorrow I will be thinking of you as you start your adventure - don't forget to let us know all about it!