Thursday, June 19, 2008

Biking through Nickerson

D-15! Which means departure in 15 days! I know I said I'd write every day, but that is just not happening, here. I am actually writing - I'm writing lists, and lists and lists. I'm crossing off lists and then recopying lists (yes, it's true...).

But today we played hookey and went biking at Nickerson. It was very tempting to stay home and organize, pack, make calls, sort, etc. but when the movers switched their preview appointment until tomorrow, we decided to put the bikes on the van and take off for Nickerson. I am so glad we did! We ended up biking further north along the rail trail than we usually do, and it was so pretty. We made the obligatory stop at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow for ice cream (and also for dark chocolate sponges, one of my favorites...). Then we biked on and on. I had hoped we would eventually reach the National Seashore, but I think you have to turn off for that and we went straight instead. As a result, we ended up at Arnold's Clam Shack, which after I read the newspaper articles they have framed inside, is one of Cape Cod tastiest Clam Shacks. And is it ever! I had hoped to have real light and crispy fried seafood when we first came to the Cape and I did find a couple of places that were good, but this place is GREAT. We ordered the shrimp and instead of the usual puny little pieces, we got jumbo shrimp lightly battered and fried. Yum!

Then back on the bikes for the return trip of about 9 miles. We are really beat, but really happy that we had our day.

And I'm happy that I took the time to write about it!


Lori said...

So glad you sent me the link to your blog! I have added it to favorites and look forward to keeping up with your travels. We will miss you here though!

chowdahead in nefl said...

Hungry and homesick for life on the Cape...what great fun to keep in touch! Let the teens have their texting, right? Looking forward to your upcoming adventures. deb