Friday, August 1, 2008

We're here!

After driving more than 4500 miles, we've arrived! We got into Ketchikan yesterday at 1:30. We were in the dining room of the cafeteria on the ferry when I noticed we were approaching a town. I asked someone which town it was, and they said Ketchikan! I thought it would be another hour before we docked - but it was really less than 30 minutes. We had a great chance to see numerous eagles roosting high in the pine trees as we maneuvered towards the pier. Referring to the white heads of the bald eagles, one woman said, "Look for the golf balls in the trees." Sure enough, we saw lots of golf balls! We also saw a young eagle which did not have the white head. Instead, it looked a lot like an osprey or hawk with its brown speckled feathers. I guess people get used to seeing them, but I can't imagine not feeling WOW - there's a bald eagle...

Ketchikan gets a lot of rain, but we arrived in the sun. Today was also sunny - yay! We're staying at a hotel near the water because they are painting the house we're renting. It's nice to have a chance to make calls and set up services like the phone, TV and Internet before our household goods are delivered.

Tomorrow is a blueberry festival in town. We plan to get on our bikes and explore.

Many, many thanks to all of you who followed us with your thoughts, prayers and notes as we traveled. I really felt your presence. It meant so much to have your company.

Stay tuned as I will periodically post news.



William Kates said...

Congratulations on your arrival, and thanks again for sharing your trip this way.

AJ said...

Enjoyed your trip. Reminded me of school days when Army father was stationed in Juneau. We drove to Georgia/Flordia and back for vacation. Welcome to Ketchikan.

svk50 said...

Barbara, So glad you arrived safely. Sounds like an incredible journey. Lot's of possible books!We all miss you!