Friday, August 1, 2008

On the ferry!

Odometer - 4534

The alarm jangled us awake this morning at 4:00 AM so we could be at the ferry terminal by 5:00. It was still dark and cloudy when we got in line for the ferry. First they measured the van and then we went into the terminal to get our tickets. Back in the van, we got in another line to go through customs. Then we sat and waited and waited. Soon the cars and trucks came off the ferry, and they loaded on the tractor-trailer trailers one by one. Soon it was our turn to drive on. We were directed to take whatever we needed out of the van because once the ferry is underway, we could not access our car unescorted. To prevent this, the doors to the auto area have keys pads near the handles.

The ferry is a similar size to the Cape May-Lewes ferry we used to take to DC, except that it’s also like a cruise ship in that there are cabins, a small theater, a cafeteria (some ferries have dining rooms), a bar and a gift shop. Several seated viewing areas are on different decks. There are regular seats and reclining seats as well as tables and chairs.

I can say that the coffee and scones are delicious! Ironically, the scones were the same ones we had in Jasper at the hotel’s breakfast buffet. (And we thought they made them specially there...)

After a rainy and chilly day yesterday, the sun is shining and it is a little warmer. The views are absolutely incredible. I just want to keep taking pictures of the clouds and mountains above the water.

We have a four berth cabin which is about the size of a hotel room. There are two bottom bunks and two upper ones, a table and two chairs. The bathroom also has a shower. There are only a few four-berth cabins, so ours is in the front of the ferry with an expansive forward view out two large windows. The thick shades fold down for napping or can be secured up with a strap that snaps.

Tonight we’ll be in another hotel in Ketchikan. The original plan was to go directly to the house we’re renting, but it’s being painted, so we’ll probably spend 2-3 nights in a hotel. Still, it will be wonderful to be in the town that will soon be home. Tomorrow when Robert starts work, I hope he can find out when our household goods can be delivered. It won’t truly be home until we’re surrounded by our stuff...

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