Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rotary Beach, Ketchikan

The locals say that there was only 3 days of sun in July! And so far in August, there has been nothing but sun. The weather has been just gorgeous - no clouds and in the 60's. The sun is much warmer than that, but in the shade it's cool and lovely.

Gates and I explored the other end of the island yesterday and also spent some time at Rotary Beach. The water is crystal clear with mountains in the distance. Rocks and driftwood dot the beach, and salmon berry bushes (which you can eat) grow all along the shoreline.

A different sound that's in the air - the mosquito whine of the many, many float planes that are taking tourists on tours. Standing by the dock this afternoon, I tried to get a photo of one coming in for a landing. In the several minutes I tried to capture it, four to five planes came in for a landing. It's fun to see them take off and land in the middle of the channel.


LeanBean said...

WOW! AMAZING! I've caught up on your entries and all I can say is "What an incredible journey!" I can't imagine what you really feel inside now that you have arrived. I remember the wide-eyed expression on your face when you first told me about just the possibility of Alaska. Mum was still the word. We were having breakfast at 6A Cafe. I feel your excitement. I'm so thankful you arrived there safely and my heart sings for you. I miss you, my dear friend--more than you know...

I love you and God bless.

P.S. What's our time difference now? I'm GMT+2:00:00.

Susan Herron said...

Thanks for the journey. It has been wonderful watching you move across the US, even though you were moving so far away from us. It is nice to know you are safe in AK now and have this new adventure ahead of you all. God bless and keep you until we meet again.

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